moa group is a special messenger that allows members to send messages to other channels or messengers at the same time, only by registering as a member of the group manager without a separate subscription.

Special invite

The MOA group is operated by the group’s administrator, and the group’s channels are operated, and only the users invited by the administrator can join the group.

Simple participatre

Invitees can join the group by signing up only with the group code generated by the administrator and mobile phone authentication without entering any additional subscription procedures and information.

Group administrator

Administrators in a group can open channels and only allow administrators to chat.

Stock information function

You can filter the stock name in the message to display the current price, rate of fluctuation, disclosure information, news of the stock and use a signal message that shows the prices which are the sell, buy, or stop loss.

Simultanious message sending

moa groups can simultaneously send messages to other groups and channels under management with a single input, or to other SNS (MoeME, Telegram) with ease.

Compatible with a variety devices

moa group can be used on all devices such as PCs and mobile phones. Users can operate and communicate with groups by sending unlimited messages.

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